Best Url Shorteners to Make Money in 2019 (Highest CPM)

There are several unique and highly reliable ways of making money online in 2019. With the increase in demand for online jobs, many scam websites have come up and for this reason, many people are in search of the best opportunities to make money. URL Shortener is one of the most reliable and easiest methods of earning money online in 2019.

There are a couple of URL Shorteners website that gives you an opportunity to make money when you use their services to cut the long URLs from certain websites short.

Making money through URL Shorteners doesn’t require you to have any rocket science knowledge or to have a website. It’s not a mandatory thing to have a website or a blog but there are some points for that extra step. Actually, you can share these highest paying URL Shortener links on your blog. Once you do this and someone licks on those links, you will get some money added to your account.
In a pool of URL Shortener websites, I want to guide you accordingly and make sure you only deal with the genuine websites and those that give you a high reward. Here are my selections of the best URL Shorteners in the market today.

Quick Overview To List

Shortner NameRemarks
Shrinker.inTrusted, Highest CPM, No Popup
GPlinksHigh CPM, Trusted
Za.glPopular, Normal CPM, Trusted
Adf.lyTrusted & Low CPM
Shorte.stLow CPM & Trusted
Uiz.ioRead More
MiniUrl.ioRead More
ClicksflyRead More
ShortzonRead More
ShrinkEarnRead More
ClkshRead More


5 best links shortener to earn money online is one of the trusted and genuine URL shortener websites which also pays for shortening your Url.

How can I earn Money with

To get entered in shrinker and start earning money you will need to create a shrinker account i.e. you have to sign up. It should be noted that you will have to make a short URL and for every visit you earn money. Absolutely, it’s a simple process.

Without a doubt, shrinker also offers some payment for each person you refer to. It is a great referral program where you can even earn more by sharing and inviting your friends. On each refers and successful sign up you get 25% of there lifetime income they make.

How much Pays?

Shrinker Pays High CPM rates in All Countries and As of it is the Has Highest CPM in India approx 8$ and 15-20$ for Countries Like USA and Canada.

Check CPM Rates

Shrinker Payment Methods

Shrinker Support Many types of Payment Methods Like Paypal, Skrill and Wire Transfer And If Your Are From India You can Withdraw Your money with Paytm, Phonepay, Google Pay, Bhim UPI, and Also Bank Transfer.

Other Important Features of Shrinker

  • No Popup
  • Easy for Users
  • High Conversion Rates
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Telegram Channel for Latest Updates
5 best links shortener to earn money online

GpLinks claims that it is Indias highest paying website for shortening URL. you can create short links and the Website pay you on impressions you create on those links.

Many users Reports that they are Manipulating Views Counted When User Passes Through Link, But there is no doubt that They Pay Money To Users.

Important features –

  • It provided 6$ CPM in India. Other than that, different countries have different CPM such as – CANADA – 10$, UNITED STATES – 10$, UNITED KINGDOM – 8 $ ETC.
  • Gplinks has various payment options such as – PAYPAL, SKRILL, BANK TRANSFER.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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5 best links shortener to earn money online can also be considered in best links shortener to earn money online. It is also a safe website to earn money by shortening website. You can easily register and create new short links on this application. it pays on each and every persons who visit from your URL.

Important features –

  • Lowest Payout
  • Pay Via – PayPal & Payoneer.


  • If you need support by the professional team then you will have to sign up. Moreover, without sign up, you cannot access this feature.

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5 best links shortener to earn money online is a URL shortener website which allows you to monetize your website and links you share.

Important features –

  • CPM in India is 1.59$, and – UNITED STATES – 14.04$ UNITED KINGDOM – 10.75$ CANADA – 5.81$ AUSTRALIA – 8.61$
  • This application is used over 100 countries and help users to improve and enhance their income.
  • Apart from this, the payout options are also convenient such as – PayPal, Payoneer, and WebMoney
  • Without a doubt, you can contact them anytime with the contact us options. However, you need to provide an email address, name, category, and the message.

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5 best links shortener to earn money online

One of the best things about is that you will get paid for multiple views from the same IP. many application does not provide revenue on the same IP. Especially, it also offers low payout options i.e. you are only required 5 dollars to get paid in the payment options provided by them. provide convenient payment options such as – PayPal, bitcoin WebMoney, and PAYEER.

Important features –

  • The CPM rates in the united states are – 10 dollars, united kingdom – 10$, FRANCE – 9$, GERMANY – 9$
  • The easy access to contact support is provided in the header section where you have to ask the queries and also provide the subject of queries.

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This is a very popular website where you can make some money online with ease. Getting started with this website is very easy because you just have to sign up with the website which will actually take few minutes of your time. There are several ways of making money here especially after accumulating 10,000 views. This means you have to be very determined to share the URLs created through MiniURL.iO. The other thing is that there are different rates for each country but the good news is that you can make some nice money regardless of where you reside.

Working here is very easy, you just have to shorten a link and share it on social media sites, blogs, and forum. When someone clicks at that link and visit it, you will earn some money.

Pros of MiniURL.iO

  • The control panel is customer friendly which means you can manage all your links and eventually track your earning.
  • No capping on repeat visitors and hence you can earn more as to compare to other shortening websites.
  • The website has a referral program and you get 20% for life. It’s up to you to refer friends and when they earn, you earn too.
  • The Minimum Payout is $5.This is made twice a month.
  • You get your payments through some popular payment platforms including Bank Transfer India and PayPal.

Cons of MiniURL.iO

  • They don’t allow Payoneer which would be a nice method for people living in Afghanistan.
  • There’s a Minimum payout.

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Here is another fast-growing URL Shortener company. It is actually the most trusted and highest paying URL Shortener today. The company also offers a couple of withdrawal method including Payeer, Mobicash, Bitcoin, Paypal and Paytm. They make it very easy for you to make money through their referral program. They are likely to pay you 20% of what your referrals earn. What this means is that if your friend makes $100, you get $20 of the total amount.

Pros of ClickFly

  • There are many ways to earn money
  • They have a reliable referral program.
  • Registration is free
  • Weekly or Monthly pay
  • 24/7 live chat support.

Cons of ClickFly

  • Many users complain about the user interface

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Shortzon is one of the best Shortener website that has been a go zone for most investors since 2018. It is also known as the most trusted of all Shortener websites available in the market today. As a matter of fact, if you are keen enough, you can earn significant amount of money. They are likely to give you $120 per 10,000 views. In some other countries, the pay can be as high as $14 per CPM.
Unlike other Shortener websites, the minimum payout is $3.00.You can withdraw your money through many payment options as shown on their website. If you live in Bangladesh, then you will get paid through Bkash.

Pros of Shortzon

  • Registration is free
  • The company offers 24/7 live chat
  • They also have a reliable referral program. As a matter of fact, the company offers 20% of your friends’ earnings.
  • CPM can be up to $14 and a minimum of $4.
  • Their minimum payout is $3.


  • The website has a minimum payout.

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Here is a free web link/URL Shortener website with multiple ways to earn some significant amount of money. The service provider offers to help you make some money when you shorten links using their services and share them to your friends. As a matter of fact, you can make enough money if you are very active in sharing these links with your friends on your blog, your social media platforms and forums.
The company facilitates its payments through PayPal and Skrill. If you are planning of joining them, then it’s very easy and simple because you just have to sign up, get an account, shrink links and eventually share them. You can as well make money by inviting users where you earn 25% of their earnings.

Pros of

  • Registration is free
  • Referral commission is 25%  
  • Minimum payout is $5
  • Some popular payment methods including Skrill, Bank transfers and Paypal.

Cons of Shrinkearn

  • There’s no way for Afghanistan residents to withdraw money.
  • The user interface is not very adorable.

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Clksh is a free website that facilitates the process of making money through shortening links and sharing them. If you are sharing them and getting friends to click and visit the websites or even register and get an account, you make some money. You get 25% of your friends earnings after referring them.

Pros of

Registration is free
You get your money through PayPal, Skrill and Bank Transfers
Minimum payout is $5
Referral earns you 25% commission.


Unfriendly user interface.

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It was our content on 5 best links shortener to earn money online where we have listed 5 best links shortener application which pays the highest money. Furthermore, you can easily earn money with the help of these URL shortener Websites. we listed the top 5 applications which are –,,, Gplinks, and Hope this content helped you. Thank you.

Final Words

The above are the best and the most reliable URL shortening service providers in the market today. The list is endless but you have to make sure you have full information about a website before you register because there are many scam websites in the internet today. You can join any of them and make some significant amount of money at the end of the month. You don’t need any technical skills or have to invest a lot of money in getting and maintaining websites and blogs to be successful.

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