7 Best Trading Apps/Platform in India

If you know who”Warren Buffet” is or not, then in both cases you are missing something great and losing the chance of becoming rich.

Warren Buffet is the 4th Richest person in the world with a net worth of $74 billion (This changes with time). He earned 99% of his wealth from stock trading and investments starting at the age of 11 (He has been doing businesses and Jobs since 11).

Well, why am I telling you all this information? Warren Buffet has started his first Corporate job out as a stockbroker or trader (before that he used to sell newspapers, Coke tokens, household deliveries and purchase pinball machines……..WOW, incredible and hard-working kid).

So, We are here to discuss best trading apps in India.

Stock Trading has become one of the Noble professions in India since the 2008 recession. With the advancement of technology and Awareness of financial education, people are investing in Stocks and they are getting good returns.

Trading Apps is basically a small version of a full brokerage trading platform that has total access to the market and provides trading facilities on Mobiles. You will get a total guide or information about trading on their platform and websites.

These apps are becoming popular day by day. It allows anyone to become a trader and investors from the comfort of your home rather than visiting the market. Also, You can trade on your own and you don’t have to pay hefty fees or brokerage percentages to them.

One of the best things about these Trading platform Apps is that It gives you the freedom to invest because earlier only wealthy people were able to invest in companies only.

you can download it with one click and you will have access to news alerts, Advanced technical tools, and even updates about any particular companies. I will even recommend some books and websites to learn it for your growth. 

Here is the Quick Overview of the list of best Indian Trading Platform you can use to Buy Shares.

S.NoTrading Platform/App Name
4.5 Paisa
6.HDFC Securities
7.Angel Broking

But Before Going Forward you should read this Starting out Guide before starting using these Trading Platforms/Apps.

Guide for starting out

This Guide will tell you about How to start trading and why you should choose Trading Apps over anything.

Recently, NSE (National Stock Exchange) India published a PDF report where they mentioned that around 18 % of trading has been done through smart-phones and this number will increase in the near future.

So, Why is it necessary to trade through these trading Apps? To know this, we have to go through types of Brokers.

There are two types of Brokers:-

1. Discounted Brokers 

Discount brokers are stock brokers who place your orders to buy or sell it at a very reduced rate but they do not provide any financial or investment advice, analysis of financial charts, Companies news or even any help during the picking decision of stocks.

They work on a fixed commission rate ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 20 per trade. You can place any order at 10rs per trade ( it can be of 1 crore) without paying them commission. 

Primarily, I suggest you gain some financial and investment knowledge of the stock market and companies. There are many parameters we judge the companies but mainly are management report, financial reports and technical analysis. 

2. Full Fledged broker

It is a stock brokerage firm who provided you everything right from placing the order, investment advice to SWOT Analysis and Stock picking ideas. This is basically known as an investment firm or investment bank who makes your decision.

These types of brokers are used by rich people to help them make decisions. They usually choose this method to save their time. They have access to world class and 25-30 years of experience as financial managers and brokers to assist them.

But everything on this earth comes with its own effects. Like in this case, you have to pay them some percentage of your profits or commission for helping you. It started from 0.5%-1% upto decided margins.


You have the basic ideas of both brokers, we will learn about some of the basic terms of the stock market. See here I am not teaching you about the stock market but things you are required to start trading like a Demat account and Trading account.

Don’t Worry, I will provide you with some of the knowledge materials and recommend some books and websites where you can learn it from scratch. But right now, we will learn about What is a Demat account and What is a Trading account.

Trading Account

This Account is used to place buying and selling orders in the stock market. You can say that it works like a mediator in the stock market where you can place your bids according to your comfort. This account is one payment account where you have to pay account opening fees Only Once. But still, some have annual charges.

Demat Account 

This account is used to keep your stocks or shares in a digital format rather than physical papers. It acts like a bank where you keep your money and commodities for security or for comfort. You have to pay a yearly subscription fee ranging from 150rs – 350rs to continue your service in a brokerage firm but may vary according to the trading platform.

Remember, you should have these two accounts mandatory and it will take only 15 minutes to start your trading journey. All you need is Pan Card, Aadhaar Card and passport size photos. They will take 2 hours to 24 hours to verify your account and You are ready for trading. 

In the market, there are so many trading apps available and some of them are there to steal your money. Well, the charges of some trading apps are the same but who is best for you? Let’s See.;

Best Trading Apps

  1. Zerodha Kite
  2. Edelweiss
  3. Upstox Pro
  4. 5 Paisa
  5. Kotak Stock trader
  6. HDFC Securities
  7. Angel Broking

1. Zerodha Kite

It is one of the oldest companies and pioneered a discounted Broking segment. With the experience of 10 years since its existence from 2010, they have disrupted the trading market with the use of advanced technology and pricing models.

They are the market leader in this segment with a market share of 17%. The founder Nithin Kamath has a total experience of 13 years in trading and stock market. So, he has more than enough knowledge about problems faced by beginner investors and traders.

They have a unique user interface to see the console reports which will eventually help you to plan strategically. Their advanced charts IQ will provide you a scenario of going trends.  


  • Zerodha Coin is a feature to buy mutual funds completely commission free by their management company.
  • They have an API which gives data about fund information, Order history live quotes and manage portfolios.
  • It has a console which allows you to track your activities which you can pause and resume. 


  • Zero Equity delivery brokerages.
  • Seamless Login


  • Not space for investment in IPO.
  • They provide low margin.


  • Free Equity Delivery (zero brokerages).
  • Rs. 20 for Intraday and F&O trades.
  • Free direct MF 

Hidden charges

  • Additional Rs. 50 per order for call & Trade.
  • For NRI :- Rs. 200 or 0.1% brokerages.


  • For Apple :- 3.4/5 (No Data)
  • For Android :- 3.9/5 (1 million+  downloads)

2. Edelweiss Trading

Edelweiss is a very simplified one-touch login starting with 3 steps. It is one of those trading apps which provides live commentary on stock markets during trading with the help of experts.

Its mainly dedicated sections are Equity, commodity and derivatives markets. you can create a Watchlist of stocks upto 100 and examine the technical and financial info like margin ratios, 52k low and high, market depth and cap, etc.

You have the access for research of different assets like equity with long term benefits and profits in the form of charts with insights like points and figures,candle sticks, etc. 


  • They have screeners tools to find the potential stocks by applying a filter on various metrics.
  • You will get the live market news to determine and analyze the current performance of the company.
  • You can even track the previous charts to see its current growth.


  • flat brokerages as low as Rs. 10 per/order.
  • Live recommendations of growthful stocks.
  • You can customize your analyzing patterns among different indices by pulling the bull down. 


  • Limited different measuring indicators,
  • Large download file on iPhone. 


  • For every Intraday and delivery trading = Rs. 10/order.
  • Additional charges = 50% margin on both cash and stock
  • Interest on delayed payment = 0.08%/day. 


  • For Android: 4.5/5 (1 million+ downloads)
  • For apple: 4.2/5 (No Data)

3. Upstox Pro

Upstox pro is the best trading platform funded by Ratan Tata which proves to be a safe, honest and reliable stock broker for your investments. It is one of the easy to use, fast and quick account opening options.

They have recently collaborated with Indusind bank to start 3 in 1 IndusStox account (Trading, Demat and saving account) which will help you trade without transferring money from saving account to trading account. You will get interest on unused funds in savings and trading accounts.

IndusStox is a customizable account number according to your wish. The best thing is that there is no minimum balance required. 


  • They have a Priority Pack Plan exclusively for the experienced Intraday traders which help them to get higher leverages and bigger margins.
  • They have a Watchlist option for anyone to build a portfolio or combination of their favourite stocks on the basis of different aspects like Future growth and higher yielding dividend stocks.
  • They have 100s of trading tools, parameters, indicators, monitors and charts to make you aware of the current scenario.


  • 50% margin trading facility available.
  • Can trade in equity, future, commodity, Options and Currency.
  • Can trade from charts.


  • Have compatibility issues.
  • No place for an IPO.


  • Zero brokerages on equity delivery.
  • Rs. 20 per trade or 0.05% on Intraday Trading.

Hidden Charges

  • Rs.20 + 18% GST on Square-off charges.
  • Charges for OFS (offers for sales) are Rs. 50/-.


  • For Android :- 3.9/5 (1 million+ downloads)
  • For Apple :- 3.4/5 (No Data)

4. 5 Paisa

5paisa mobile trading app is one of the best trading apps which provides the advantage of placing the order with one click. It is the only discount broker company which offers you to pay only Rs 20 on every trade without taking care of your trade volume.

For example :- if your monthly trading of 1,00,000 rupees with 20 trades (considering both buying and selling that is 10-10). 

If you compare this with ICICI securities that charges 0.270% per trade (it’s 0.54% for only buying and selling) then,  1,00,000*12 months*0.54% = 6480 rupees

But in 5Paisa App, We have 20 trades/month*12month*20 = 4800 rupees. 

You can see the difference in brokerages when the amount is that low. Imagine if trade volume is 10 times or 100 times more than the current, you can calculate to see the difference.


It has smart Investor features where you will get investment ideas like 

  • It will help you build the whole bunch of Stock portfolio
  • They generated the list of stocks with the possible growth in future by analyzing their fundamentals.
  • It provides you market conditions information to check its current environment.
  • You can Buy gold, insurance and invest in IPO


  • They have a paperless fast account opening process.
  • They don’t charge much and have fixed brokerages.


  • You might face a server down during peak hours.
  • Uncertain Customer service.


In Optimum plan(for beginner)

  • Flat Fee = Rs. 20/order
  • DP Maintenance = Rs. 45/traded month
  • DP Transaction charges = Rs. 25 or 0.025%
  • Net Banking Charges = Rs. 10
  • Call Trade charges = Rs. 100/call
  • Direct MF Investment = Rs. 20

Hidden Charges

  • Transaction charges for Direct MF orders = Rs. 20
  • DEMAT per certificates = Rs. 15
  • Conversion of MF units/ Destatmentisation per SOA = Rs. 15
  • Credit Charges = Nil


For Android  = 3.7/5 (1,000,000+ Download)

For Apple = 3.8/5 (3.2 Million+ Download)

5. Kotak Stock Trader

Kotak Stock Trader App is a well sought online trading software which designs for the beginner trader who can access the stock market anywhere and everywhere. 

It helps you to invest in Mutual funds, equities, Commodities, bonds and IPO to diversify your investments. With customized Watchlist, tracking tools and sell ability from the view page has made him a well-defined app.


  • High level security with login and 2 step passwords made him more secure and prevented data theft.
  • Provide updated stock news to keep you aware.
  • Easy funds transfer from saving account to trading account.


  • Invest in IPO, Effs, bonds and currency.
  • Live streaming market data and stock indicators.
  • Fastlane experience directly from the website.


  • Low ratings and poor experience.
  • Poor user interface.


  • Equity delivery brokerages = 0.049% or Rs. 0.04/order
  • For Intraday and future orders = Rs. 0.03 
  • Square off and futures = 0.049%


  • For Android = 4/5 (1 million+ downloads)
  • For Apple = 2.9/5 (No Data)

6. HDFC Securities

HDFC securities are backed by largest financial banks HDFC bank with strong customer Focus. It is the best stress-free trading platform with better returns. They provide End to End solutions and best customer support with industry advancement.

They have Biometric login secured with fingerprint and face recognition. They provide instant access to investment ideas with trending real time charts. They have automated chat support for solving technical issues and resolving function errors.


  • They have 3 in 1 account facility (Saving, Demat and Trading).
  • They offer various trading platforms to choose from and can trade from call, app and any other branches of HDFC.
  • They have transparency in their trading services and help you to make financial decisions for the long term.


  • Can invest in Equity, currency, Forex, SIP, futures and Insurance.
  • Have options to invest in trending investment ideas.


  • Difficult to operate on a system.
  • High brokerages as compared to others.


  • Minimum brokerage = Rs. 25 or 0.05%
  • Equity Delivery Trading = 0.05%
  • Demat and Trading AMC charges = Rs.300 and Rs.500 per Annum respectively.


  • For Android = 4.3/5 ( 1 million+ downloads)
  • For Apple = 3.9/5 (No Data)

7. Angel Broking Mobile

Angel broker is All in One stock market app. Angel Broking allows trading in commodity, Currency, F&O and Intraday for flat brokerages of Rs. 20 upto 40X margin for Intraday trading. A Full service broker for trading lovers. 

It has various advanced indicators and metrics for analysis of charts, technical and trading aspects. You can access the reports of your past transactions and trading funds directly from the app.


  • They have Features like ARQ which is an advisory tool for short term investors to recommend their strategies and stock profitability based on research engines.
  • Their Angel Speed Pro is a powerful trading platform that has access to the market to trade directly with advanced technical analysis.


  • Fixed Brokerages fees and zero equity delivery fees.
  • Advisory for all investors with advanced tools and indicators.


  • Customer support is average and costly.
  • Cannot invest in IPO and bonds.


  • Free account opening for 3 in 1 (saving, Demat and trading account)
  • Annual Maintenance charges = 699Rs/ year
  • Rs. 20 for Intraday trading 


  • For Android = 4/5 (1 million+ downloads)
  • For Apple = 3.7/5 (No Data)


The Stock Market is a very vast topic and it is hard to understand everything at all. But if you rigorously follow the news and understand it, you will quickly gain expertise over it.

See, Not anyone has the ability to predict the market. You can say that on the basis of any predication and I want you not to trade on guts because you might lose a huge chunk of your hard earned money.

In My opinion, 5 paisa, Upstox pro and Zerodha would be the best option if you are starting your trading journey or experienced in this field, you will find their user interface friendly.

Please understand every indicator and metrics so that you can trade on any amount or can set a huge amount by setting price alerts and will receive daily market updates.

Hope you love this blog. Share with you friends and 

Happy Trading!!!!!


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