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7 Best Free GST Billing Apps in India

Billing is an integral part of the business. But conventional billing has become an onerous task due to the changed taxation system.

Indian Government had implemented Goods and service tax (GST) on 1st July 2017. This is one of the biggest tax reforms which replaced about 18 direct or indirect taxes. To surmount even with this new taxation system businessmen are replacing the traditional system of manual billing by technology.

There are many apps in the market. But which one is easy, systematic, and affordable? To ease out your search, we bring you the list of 7 best GST billing apps along with their pros and cons.

Before starting our topic: 7 best GST billing apps, we should know why these billing apps are important in business.

Importance of GST billing apps

The digital billing system or apps not only reduces the work burden of business personals but also minimizes the chance of human errors.

The calculation of outstanding stock, overdue payments, maintaining records of different cheques or credit card payments, to stay updated to your business, etc. are very difficult to maintain through manual or traditional business style.

On the other hand, the digital application and software reduce this difficulty to almost zero. As a result, for good, growing, and healthy business you need a good, reliable, and featured application.

Let’s get started with the list of 7 best GST billing apps

1. FloBooks

Flobooks is an easy and fast billing of India’s mobile app. However, its main focus is on MSME like wholesalers, traders, and distributors. It is useful in maintaining day to day tasks.


  • Customization of a bill by adding your logo and signature.
  • Low stock alert feature. It notifies you whenever the stock in your inventory comes below the required level.
  • A Voice search feature is available to add items and create a bill.
  • The payment reminder feature is also here. You can send and set payment reminders for your customer and suppliers. Moreover, you can send reminders through SMS and WhatsApp.
  • It offers you a feature to improve your business relations by sending personalized greetings on WhatsApp for a birthday, festival, etc. Also provides hundreds of greetings choices. Above all, you can add your company name, logo, mobile number on it.


  • Brand building through cards and greetings.
  • Paramount data security.
  • Training the
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 and up.
  • Barcoding facility.
  • Technical support through WhatsApp.


  • A multi-currency facility is not available.
  • No personal training.
  • The app is a bit slow
  • Contact Database is missing

2. Vyapar

Vyapar is a GST-compatible invoicing and accounting software for small businesses. Most importantly, one can perform their regular business tasks right from their smartphones without the internet.

It has both mobile and desktop versions. However, the mobile application is free and desktop application has a 30-day free trial period.


  • There is an option to share your invoice directly from WhatsApp. This option makes your business more comfortable.
  • It can also track unpaid bills. By the help of this feature, businessmen can easily figure out the exact amount that needs to be recovered from the market
  • You can send payment reminders. This feature allows you to send a reminder directly to the party regarding the delay in payment.
  • You can also receive or send payment through UPI. Therefore, the digital transaction feature makes this app more user friendly.
  • Track business expenses. You can track your business expenses that make your app more business-friendly.


  • In the paid version, you can access more than one account
  • Ease of Data entry: you can enter your data in an easy manner
  • You can share updated business data: Sharing of data to employees, friends, and also to the accountant is easy
  • Remote access: You can access your account from everywhere


  • Purchase history is not available
  • Same login credentials for everyone
  • Everyone having the login ID password can make the changes even your employees.
  • No customizing option for bill

3. Book Keeper

A Book-keeper is one of the most simplified accounting solutions for traders, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Moreover, its data can be accessed across devices by syncing. It can be used on Windows, Android, and IOS platforms. The Bookkeeper can also use to generate GST invoices and generates GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, and GSTR-4 reports.


  • Solves all inventory, accounting, and taxation processes.
  • Uploads all data and information directly to Dropbox instead of storing it on its own server.
  • Efficient inventory management. Allow to track and manage the stock, in and out of the company and also maintain the up-to-date status
  • Provides end to end integration with tally.
  • Can also function as retailing /POS software.
  • Payment reminders: automatically reminds the party about the overdue payment
  • Payroll: allows tracking employees working hours and automatically payroll filing and tax calculation
  • Effective for small scale businesses.
  • Supports manufacturing.


  • Can function both online and offline, which makes the app more accessible.
  • Secure use, as data can be accessed only with Dropbox access details.
  • Inventory reporting allows us to get customize reports anytime.
  • Generates compact, comprehensive, and statical reports.
  • Provides sales capability.
  • Runs from anywhere.
  • Award-winning customer support.
  • Can connect with other apps and software.
  • Helps to create multiple users with specific tasks.
  • Availability of easy access to payroll.


  • No option to update the e-way bill number from the user device.
  • No multi-currency option is available. This restricts your business to grow in abroad.
  • Don’t have an account group balance facility. 
  • Its dashboard needs to be redesigned, as to see complete balance at a glance instead of scrolling.

4. QuickBooks

Quickbooks provides technology with tradition. They are in the market for the last three decades and have grown to about 2.2 million users. However, they offer four pricing stages. Its graphics and shortcut tabs make it a good choice for people new to billing and accounting.


  • Avail customized professional and multilingual invoice. This feature makes this app accessible to everyone.
  • Live bank feeds establish smooth transactions and better cash flow management.
  • Expense tracking and also mileage tracking of employee working hours.
  • Long-awaited project management feature. Therefore it makes this app accessible and beneficial for big project holders.
  • New pricing plans for large businesses.
  • Strong report.
  • Ability to calculate project profitability: Makes your business more clearly.
  • Have very flexible functionality and good financial connectivity.


  • Advanced invoice features.
  • 650+ app integrated
  • Cloud-based hosting for better data security.
  • Unlimited maintenance.
  • Accessible to multiple users allowing teamwork.
  • Good tax support.
  • Free unlimited support.
  • Comprehensive payroll support.
  • Inventory management.
  • In-depth contact record.
  • Customizable reports.
  • Doesn’t support manufacturing.


  • Expensive to use. Therefore, it is not preferable for low budget businesses.
  • Complex for beginners due to poor documentation.
  • A very long and complex system of professional support.
  • Instability and file size issues.
  • Doesn’t support manufacturing.

5. Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 is beneficial for organisations including small, large industries, and also for non-profitable areas. Main features of the app are mentioned below:-


  • It is easy to use, has no codes, robust and powerful, executes in real-time, operates at high speed, and above all it has a full-proof online help. These things make it one of the best apps.
  • It provides a record to post-dated transactions supported with a post-dated register. Moreover, your receivables and payables bills are managed automatically while you save your invoice
  • Tally provides you to maintain and manage accounts of 9,999 companies. It gives unique features.
  • Tally ERP 9 gives you banking support. By this feature, not only you can easily manage cheques but also the e-payments with multiple banks
  • Inventory management, it provides you to form infinite stock groups, categories, and multiple godown & track godown wise stock.
  • Easily files GST return, GSTR-1, GSTR-2 & GSTR-3B


  • Data reliability and security: The data entered in the software are secured and safe.
  • Payroll management: It maintains the financial record that includes net deduction, net payment, bonuses, and taxes.
  • Ease of regulation of data: It allows us to bring a common calculation for all the branches of the company
  • Ease of maintaining budget: It allows to manage expense according to the budget allocated
  • Multiple currency support: You can record invoices, quotations, orders, accept payments, and receive bills in foreign currency.
  • Can work both online and offline.


  • Internet database flaw
  • Lack of important feature to increase productivity
  • Expensive than other apps.
  • Do not allow data import features

6. Zoho Book

Zoho-Book is one of the most affordable and smart accounting applications. Moreover designed to facilitate beginners as easy to use. It is basically for small businesses as it doesn’t offer payroll. However, it is a completely cloud-based application ensuring good enough uptime, security, and support.


  • Can send professional invoices to customers and receive online payment.
  • Provide features like cash flow statement, P and L, Balance Sheet, etc that helps in controlling companies’ finances. 
  • Financial information is available on the dashboard through graphics on the dashboard itself.
  • Notify and organize all types of transactions on the same platform.
  • Allow managing the finances of individual projects. 
  • Facilitates to schedule payment reminders that can be automatically emailed to customers. 
  • Can schedule reports to be automatically generated weekly. 


  • Automate bank feeds and payment reminders.
  • Manages and tracks projects.
  • Multi-lingual.
  • Mobile ready.
  • Attractive and informative dashboard.
  • Project time-tracking is easy. 


  • Not much suitable for large businesses as there is no payroll facility. 
  • One has to pay separately for the subscription of each business though under the same account.
  • CRM data flow can be slow sometimes. 
  • Little clunky particularly when processing receipts. 

7. Fresh Book

Fresh Book app is another flawless and good app to keep your GST billing cycle running smoothly.

Here are some significant features of a fresh-book app.


  • Customizable invoice: it has features to change color and font, add the logo to make your invoice pretty
  • Automatic payment reminders: For instance, you got some clients that hardly remember to pay your amount back in time. Then this feature will ping the clients to remind them about the payment
  • Simple summary: know your outstanding and overdue instantly
  • Tax friendly category: your expenses are ready in an expense category at the time of GSTR return.
  • Remember Vendors: all your commonly used vendors are remembered.
  • Accept credit card online


  • Accept international currency
  • Relationship feed: You’ll have an up-to-date log of all invoices and communications sent to each client for easy reference.
  • Easy File sharing
  • Automatic payment recording: your credits will be up to dated automatically if you accept credit card
  • Attach your receipt with the bill (pdf or jpg)
  • Personalized ‘thank you’ Email


  • Number of the billable client is 500 only in the premium version
  • The mobile app is restricted in many features, for example, it doesn’t allow reports on the go
  • The program is not good for a complex business-like inventory tracking and vendor management.
  • For recurring invoices, additional payment is required 


So, according to my fact-finding, here is the list of best GST billing apps. However, no app is perfect. I will counsel, to once go through your needs before choosing any app. Here are a few of the following things you may consider: –

Do software work both online and offline? You must check whether your app works offline or not. It makes your business internet independent.

Is your data safe and secure? You will need to store a lot of important data and information on it. So, ensure at least proper encryption and password facility.

Do its features fulfill all your requirements? Every business needs different approach. Therefore, while choosing your app make sure that it fulfils all your business requirements.

Customization: Look for an application that can migrate the existing system to a completely new version.

Consider the complexity level: GST is already very complex so better go for the simple handling application.

Availability of support: The application should provide every kind of support and help regarding its uses.

Compare the charges: In the end, you must compare the price of selected apps. Consider your budget and also pay only for the features you are really going to use.

Take decisions according to your business demand and requirements and grow it to the heights of the sky.

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