Top 9+ Free Train Simulators Games for Mobile

We bring to your attention a list of 9 Android and Ios smartphone  Games about trains, where you can find the most realistic and interesting simulators, as well as economic strategies on the topic.
we collected the best simulators of the railway, allowing you to visit the cabins of old, modern and even futuristic trains, or to build your own railway empire.


Very unusual game about the train, offering to do repairs of locomotives. And in general, the emphasis is on their maintenance and maintenance in proper condition.
There are nine trains in the Train Mechanic Simulator, divided into three classes, each with an incredibly accurate and believable imitation of the internal device. In total, more than a thousand (!) Parts and devices are available for repair and replacement.
Also, there is an open world dotted with a dense network of railroad tracks with several depots, which allows one to see firsthand how a newly refurbished and freshly painted locomotive rushes joyfully into the distance, sparkling under the sun with brand-new chrome details.
Train Mechanic Simulator may not be the best game of the genre, but its place on the list definitely deserves an unusual concept and its worthy implementation.


We can say that the whole franchise of railway simulators, quite old and well known to fans of virtual locomotives, still enjoys well-deserved popularity due to regular updates and additions. In total, for the moment there are several hundred different DLCs available for Train Simulator, opening access to new compositions and locations. Almost all the additional content you can download from the link below.
Despite the fact that the developers of Train Simulator position their creation as the most realistic railway simulator, there is a solid part of the players who scold this project just for its arcade. Yes, and the Train Simulator graphics can hardly be called impressive, rather, it is acceptable.
Those who like the game, you can characterize more as a collector, constantly buying (for a lot of money, you need to notice) for your virtual park, more and more models of locomotives. And their Dovetail Games releases with an enviable consta, paying attention to both modern models and their vintage progenitors. Therefore, if you are not very interested in collecting, we recommend you pay attention to another project Dovetail Games – Train Sim World, about which we wrote above.
Of the advantages of Train Simulator, in addition to extensive content, it is also worth noting the presence of an editor that allows you to create your own routes.


Smoothly move to the best games of our list. Train Frontier Classic – a railway simulator, created by the type of sandbox. The game has a convenient and rich with various options editor, with which you can not only create fancy routes, drowning in the greenery of settlements, incomparable in its beauty stations, warehouses and other objects adjacent to the railway tracks, but also work with individual elements of their design and even change the landscape.
Adjustment is also amenable to railway trains, of which there are several dozen types. Finally, you can share your masterpieces with other online players, thanks to integrated access to the community. And it’s a very big Train Frontier Classic, so you will not be bored here for sure.


The representative of the popular train simulator series Trainz, released in 2015 and featuring a high level of realism. In Trainz: A New Era you will find a nice graphics with dynamic lighting, support for dust particles, light, smoke and so on, as well as numerous weather phenomena (rain, fog, snow, etc.). There is also a very reliable physics of the train, and its model operates not only outside the composition but also inside.
Also here there is an advanced editor, allowing to create new routes and share them with friends (in Trainz: A New Era there is a multiplayer). In total, currently, more than 200,000 routes created by other players are available for the game.
And, of course, players are offered a huge choice of locomotives and cars (passenger, storm, open, closed, etc.), both modern and rare.


An economic game about the train, offering to build your own railway empire on a randomly generated map. Mashinky gives a very nice picture, as well as an unusual gameplay, combining a construction simulator (in the construction mode, the camera switches to isometric view ), a deep economic system and elements of the board game. Also, players can ride on any of their own trains, surveying the neighbourhood and outlining the trajectory for future routes.
Despite the fact that Mashinky is still in early access, she was able to achieve unexpectedly high popularity for the project of this particular genre. In addition, Steam has an accessible Russian version of the game, which is another argument in its favor.

4. TRAIN Valley

One of the most ambitious railroad simulators, combining elements of the sandbox and economic strategy and, despite the frivolous (but very nice) visual style, offering a thoughtful, sometimes difficult gameplay. Looking ahead, I would like to note that the music at Train Valley is matched by its visual series: the same light, joyful and kind.
Train Valley offers players four scenarios that allow you to build your own railway empire in a certain historical period in Russia, Japan, the US or the Old World to choose from. Moreover, each of the proposed epochs and associated states have cultural references to the most characteristic phenomena and events of its time. In addition to ready-made scenarios, there is a random generation mode and a free game mode that allows you to play unlimited time without specific goals.
The sequel to Train Valley 2 is currently being developed, the release of which is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.


A very beautiful simulator, allowing you to develop your own railway company. Players are given the opportunity to independently choose routes for railway tracks, purchase and repair trains (more than forty kinds of locomotives and almost three dozen carriages of various types), and also to locate and equip stations, depots, warehouses, workshops and others.
The proposed action takes place on a huge, in detail reproduced a map of the United States, covering the territory from one coast to the other. Taking into account absolutely free construction we get a grandiose, unparalleled railway sandbox
The Railway Empire has a deep technology system: more than three hundred innovations that make it possible to turn its railroad into the most comfortable and reliable mode of transport. There is a system of work with personnel and the ability to fight with competing companies through many different methods, including not quite the usual and not always legal.
In addition to the free construction mode, there are also several scenarios offering interesting conditions and assignments.


July 24, 2018, Dovetail Games company released a new version of its world-famous train simulator Train Sim World. Players are expected to have ultra-realistic graphics and reliable physics of movements, an impressive first-person view (from the cabin), detailed control and precise observance of all technical characteristics of trains, as well as fine-tuning the parameters of the gameplay. The last detail of Train Sim World (together with training assignments) is a very important element that makes the game attractive not only for the macho drivers but also for beginners.
Sounds, surroundings, delightful landscapes outside the windows of trains, a sense of their movement, the behaviour of passengers in carriages and on platforms, widely represented in the game missions, modes and scenarios – all this allows you to immerse yourself in the world-attractive railway transport.
In fact, Train Sim World is a compilation of previous versions of the game, each of which was dedicated to specific rail lines and compositions from all over the world.
 For example, Train Sim World: Great Western Express is dedicated to the Great Western Main Line, the same name in Great Britain, which runs commuter and high-speed trains capable of speeds up to 125 miles per hour.
 Sim World Train: Corridor Northeast is the New York – north-eastern railway network in New York , where the player can explore the neighbourhood of the largest American metropolis on various freight and passenger trains (Amtrak ACS-64, CSX GP38-2 and others).
 Train Sim World: Rapid Transit will introduce players to the scenic routes and fast passenger trains of the S-Bahn lines in Germany.
 And Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul is dedicated to freight locomotives CSX Transportation, carrying various cargoes on the 160-kilometre Sand Patch Grade – one of the most winding railway routes in the US, passing under and over the mountain ranges of Allegheny.
In addition, in the new version of Train Sim World, developers have included a lot of additional content, in the form of new routes, trains and tasks. And even more of them are available in the form of additional paid modules (with a rather big, unfortunately, cost).
Of the advantages, I want to note the presence in the game of high-quality Russian and acceptable system requirements, given that the picture in Train Sim World is the most top among all the simulators of the railway.


this game, allowing you to become the owner of your own railway company and join in an exciting fight with other same players, the number of which at the moment is 3 million.
Rail Nation offers a large selection of detailed, realistically drawn trains (more than forty) and an extensive system of improvements for them, as well as a generally very good for browser game graphics image.
The gameplay allows you to develop and expand your empire in many different ways: to make a deviation in extensive cargo transportation or focus on innovation, to act alone or find a worthy company of like-minded people – the abundance of strategic approaches and their combinations is unlimited. And the game process is divided into six successive epochs, which gives a chance to see for themselves the development of the railway transport. There is an auction and the opportunity to create friendly associations (clans) with other players.
If the player gets bored with the classic mode, he can always try his hand at any of the scenarios proposed here, each with his unique requirements and winning conditions.
In addition, you can play for free in this multi-user railway simulator.


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