5 Best Free Proxy Websites

The free proxy also knows as no cost proxy becomes something that is widely sought-after by many people. Some people believe that free web proxy is not quite safe. But if you come to the right page then you will get a free type of proxy while there is nothing to worry about your privacy.

Basically, a web proxy is a server that remotely intercepts the data which travels between your computer and the website you view. The proxy also helps you to stay anonymous while online.

When you choose a proxy, regardless of a free or a paid one, you must find out about the encryption needed to protect your data. Another consideration is the speed and other convenience.

The current best proxy in the world is ExpressVPN rank as #1 By bestVPNserver.com. This is a paid proxy but offers various convenient services for your browsing experience. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. The subscription fee starts from around USD 6 per month.

Well, in this article, we are going to give you some free web proxy names that you can try for a long-term use. Some of them also offer the paid version with a better and more secure service. Just read this article thoroughly.

VPNBook Free Web Proxy

As its name suggests, the service is free. It offers the anonymous browsing with a speedy performance. They have several proxy spots such as Canada, the UK, and the US but you are also allowed to pick it randomly.

According to our tests, this proxy worked pretty fast and there was no obtrusive address bar. Another convenience you will get is the free-ads layout on your screen. It also supports the HTTPS connections.

Just like other free proxies, VPN Book will keep the weblogs which later can be used for reporting the illegal activity. Do not worry though because it will be automatically deleted after 7 days or so. Of course, it is not a perfect proxy, but it offers a lot of convenience for the users.

Hide My Ass Web Proxy

Another free web proxy you can try is the Hide My Ass. This web proxy allows you to browse with ad-hoc private mode from three different remote locations. This thing may come in handy for you who do not have the time or a permission to get the additional browser or software.

However, you may get the limitation from the free version. The paid proxy provides a faster speed, better encryption security, and malware protection that will be activated when you start browsing. Still, the free one is a great option for a quick browsing after all.

Hide My Ass web proxy will mask your IP address and identity while you browse. The servers are located in the Netherlands, UK, and USA. If you buy the premium version, you will get the other locations of the server. You may still see some ads but those come from the Hide My Ass’ products. Meanwhile, your information will never be forwarded to another third party.


When you need a fast yet free web proxy that offers a portable browser for instant surfing, KProxy could be the right one for you. The extension is available for both Firefox and Chrome.

Even you can use the VPN on your portable Firefox without having to install the extension.
If you purchase the paid version of KProxy, you will get the access to the premium servers. They claim that their premium servers are never overloaded since the free version sometimes get slow down due to the heavy traffic. But it actually has a very tiny impact on its speed.

However, the free version limits the users to browse as much as three hours. Once you have reached 300MB data cap, you cannot continue it since you will see a tab that asks you to buy the paid version of KProxy. You must need after 30 minutes to reconnect to the free web proxy again.


Another name for the free proxy is Privoxy. It will turn your home PC into a remote server of proxy, so you can be anonymously browsing. Its interface is not flashy or graphical buy you may find it easy to set it up.

The major difference this free web proxy with the other free ones is that the presence of a PC is necessary. The PC will act as your proxy server. Later, you can browse from any public Wi-Fi, but it looks like you access it from your home. However, you need to make sure your PC is on to use the proxy.


If you find the blocked videos are annoying, you can use this free web proxy for browsing. However, you better not use this proxy for banking or shopping. Its free services include the encryption and disable script feature.

Any blocked video in your country can be accessed by using this VPN easily. Your personal information might be released if there is some criminal stuff happens using your identity after all.

Why the paid ones are better?

As we have mentioned earlier, the free proxies also offer the paid version. The pair version offers better speed, efficiency on caching the information, and better response time from the server.

Issues like the connection failures might rarely happen. You may also get an unlimited period of time and quota for browsing and downloading. The ads may also be blocked by the VPN, so you can browse in peace.

However, you need to pay for it. Some people prefer the free version because without paying anything they still get what they want. Other than that, there is no guarantee of the full anonymity. No matter what proxy you use, it is better to not involve your bank account and other important information in your browsing activity.

Before using a free proxy

Actually, there is no guarantee about the full anonymity on both free and paid proxies. Since they are free, they need money to run the business, so your information might still be sent to the third party for advertisement or something like that. As long as you are careful with your personal information, the free proxy will work well for you.

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