Earn Money By Facebook Research App – 10$ Per Refer + 5$ Every Month

Facebook Research App is now trending in the Market of Online earning apps due to their Huge Reward Program.  This app is now on the list of top refer and Earn apps and one of the main reasons for its popularity is that you have nothing to do with the app just install and sleep. Sounds Good?

Ya, it Sounds Good But

Ya, it Sounds Good But Everything That has the advantage their must be also some disadvantages with Everything. Firstly Let’s talk about limitations then later we would talk about How We Can Earn Safely With this App? So now let’s Talk About Its Bad Things

Just Think that why they are giving you huge money for just installing their App. This is Vittal truth my friend no one do anything without their benefit in it sometimes it is visible to everyone but sometime it should be hidden but that exist.

So do u Get that what’s their benefit in all this?

Let’s Think together,  Have You heard about Selling Data? It’s More Precious Than Any Diamond.

Ya, it’s all about Breaking your Privacy. So The Only Way To Secure Our data from this app install this app on Another Device which Doesn’t have any personal info and you are not using the device.

So, I will Tell you how you can Earn Money through Facebook Research app without breaking our privacy.

Let, Start

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Facebook Research App:

it is a researching app which collects our data and gives money to us for our data. it rewards 5$ per Month and 10$ per Refer.[/box] [box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]

You May Wants To Know

Install Via: Invite Only

Requirement: Android Device Only

Minimum Payout: 0$

Payment Method: Paypal, Create Account if You Don’t Have

Payout Cycle: Monthly

On Install: 5$

Per Refer: 10$ if Invite On Same Month you Join Rather 5$ per Invite.

Company: Utest


you must be invited using your email address to get access to this app.

Step 1:

Fill This Form, so I will invite you then after some time you get the link in your email’s inbox. then just fill all the things and install the app and give all permissions to this app.

Step 2:

After Sometime you will get another email with You Invite link to share with friends and earn 10$ on every successful invitation.

Step 3:

Recieve Payment, And Enjoy

Payment Proofs For Facebook Research App:




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